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Comprehensive Software 

for Running a Successful 

Food Distributor

Why EIC?

Software Built for Your Business

        Whether you deal with tare weights, broken cases, 

        catch-weights, yields, short-shipments, billbacks, 

        special pricing or quality audits; we have 

        the flexibility your business demands.

End-to-End Traceability


        We help you create an end-to-end system for tracking

        products from source to destination; by batch, shipment,

        item, customer, or vendor. 

Maximum Productivity

        We equip you with tools to automate your operations,

        streamline processes, and reduce waste — 

        so you can maximize the full value of your business. 

Single Source Solution

        We provide a simple and seamless solution 

        for managing inventory, shipping, receiving,

        purchasing, production, sales and accounting.